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June 24, 2018

David has accepted the challenge to face the Philistine champion, the giant Goliath, one on one.

If you’re going to fight an army’s champion, you should look like your army’s champion, right? Isn’t that what everyone expects? After all, Goliath did. His very impressive armor is described in some detail in verses 5-7. It weighed upwards of 150 pounds. You’re going to need at least a sword, a bronze helmet, and a prodigious coat of mail. Because that’s what champion warriors wear. That’s HOW they dress. That’s HOW they do battle.

Trouble is, Saul’s battle gear doesn’t fit David, at all. It’s way, way too big, and it’s way, way too heavy. David can’t even walk in it. He tries. But no going.

It’s okay to laugh at the image of it. It’s ludicrous.

But the line at the very end of verse 39, and on into verse 40, isn’t funny. It’s maybe the most important thing that happens in this whole story, especially when we find ourselves in the season of “How?”

David took off the armor Saul placed on him. All of it.

Then he got the stuff he knew how to use-- a shepherd’s staff, his bag, some smooth stones from the wadi, and his sling.

The rest is legendary.

All because he took off the armor someone else put on him, and used the gifts, the tools, and the skills he knew how to use best.

And, King Saul let him.

How would you have responded if you were David?

                                                            from United Methodist Transition Preaching Series

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